Telugu Family Suspense Thriller Movies

Who does not want to watch the family drama in movies? There are so many emotions, love, action, desperation and your yearning for each other in these movies. You can watch many movies that contain family drama and suspense along with some of the most thrilling moments; you can watch them on the best OTT platform for Telugu movies; aha. One of the best Telugu films that contain family drama, suspense, thriller and romance are “BuchinaiduKhandriga”.

The film “BuchinaiduKhandriga” will almost give you the feel of Arjun Reddy. If you loved that film, you should watch “BuchinaiduKhandriga”. This Telugu movie was directed as well as written by Poluri Krishna. The film producer was P. Chandra Kumari, and the music director for the film was Mahiramsh. Ram K. Mahesan did the cinematography, and Marthanda K Venkatesh did the editing. The leading actors in the film were Munna as Balu and DrishikaChander as Swapna. Supporting actors in the world super as Balu’s father and Ravi Varma as Swapna’s father. You can watch movies like “BuchinaiduKhandriga” to enjoy deep romance, good music and action-packed sequences.

The story

It is a period romantic drama that brings out the nitty-gritty of a love story challenged by the family members’ principles, decisions, and morals. The film is set in rural parts and the name of the village “BuchinaiduKhandriga”. The story is about Balu and Swapna, who exchange glances when they return from school and fall in love with each other. The first part of the film has a lot of village humour, and slowly, love blossoms between the leading characters to such intensity that they decide to elope together.

When Sapna disappears from her in-law’s house, Balu starts drinking and indulges in various other addictions. He is so heartbroken that he is often found on the roadside, highly intoxicated and unconscious. After being motivated by his father, Balu starts reclining from alcoholism and searching for his wife. He meets with his father-in-law and learns that he has not been accepted because of his caste. Start fighting against Swapna’s father and earns his self-respect back.


The performance of Subbarao in Balu’s father’s role was brilliant, and the character was also nurtured brilliantly in the film. The antagonist’s role in the film was played by Ravi Varma, who played Swapna’s father. Munna and DrishikaChander’s acting skill were also parallel to that of the older actors in the film. So if you want to watch a plot where the hero is ready to bring back his wife and on his self-respect in the eyes of his father-in-law, and avenge his father, you should watch “BuchinaiduKhandriga”. The film also has tremendously good music with tunes that are soothing for your ears. The shots are also magnificent, along with the cinematography of the entire film. You can watch Telugu movies online like “BuchinaiduKhandriga” on the best Telugu OTT platform by downloading the OTT app.